Thursday, June 21, 2012

Artist Interview Kim Rempel

Still life with lemon and flowers
Being a Daily Painter must take an extreme amount of discipline as an Artsit. 
When and why did you decide to become a Daily Painter.
I became a daily painter in June 2009. I came across the movement by chance while searching for painting information online. At first I didn't know if I could last more than three weeks but here I am, three years later ; ) As for the daily part of it requiring so much discipline, I have to say I don't buy into that much. Some people seem so amazed but I think, well, I just work everyday like everyone else out there! The exception to that is if you have other full-time employment (including being home with underage school children). Then it is a feat.
As for the why, it really was a personal decision to see how much I could improve if I worked daily - you know, the miles and miles of canvas etc... We always tell our children: practice, practice, I thought I'd take my own advice. I go through stretches where I move away from the small format (completing one a day) and work on larger pieces. But I've come to realize I need the variety.
Have you always been a painter, or have you worked in other forms of Art as well?
I graduated as an Illustrator (major Book, minor Advertising) and then worked as a graphic designer for years. After my second child was born I decided to move away from the computer and begin painting again. I had really missed it. It was one of those things that I sat down one day and thought: What I really want to be is an artist. From here on in I am taking the steps to make it happen. I made a couple of goals, enrolled in classes and began working at it.
At what age did you discover your Artistic abilities, and do you have any specific memories of art in your childhood that stand out?
I love this question. From the earliest I can remember I always loved drawing and colouring and looking at art. I do remember as a very young child staring at a sheet from one of my colouring books and just being enchanted by the promise of it all ; ) It was a mom and child making Christmas cookies and I loved decorating the cookies with my crayons, colouring in the apron etc... Children's book illustrations also got my attention and I could get lost in them for hours. And you know, it's funny, but now that I'm thinking about it I remember we had a board game called "Masterpiece" and part of the game were reproductions of famous paintings - kind of like postcards. Does anyone remember that? And I just loved sifting through those cards! My parents were not in the field but always encouraged me.
Great White Oak
What Artists do you admire, and why?
Oh. The list is so long! Well, John Hartman because of his colour and paint application, David T. Alexander for the beautiful way he sees this planet. Sidney Licht for the way she can pare things down. I'll stop there for now. Oh - can I add Vincent vanGogh? Because of...everything  ; )
Gerrard and Parliament, 2010, by John Hartman 
Pink Water Cross Hatch by David T. Alexander
Sydney Licht
Untitled (Winning Code: KWVPJ)
Do you have a favorite piece?
Hundreds. It changes by the hour. But right now I'll pick "Moving On To Cathedrals" by David T. Alexander.
"Moving On To Cathedrals" by David T. Alexander. 
Where would you like your Art to take you in the future?
I'd love to travel and paint. That would be a lot of fun. I find new landscapes so inspiring. It would be interesting to work with children - do a bit of teaching. The chance to unlock something in someone is very appealing - especially with kids who've had a hard go of this life. To be able to show them what they are capable of producing, and new ways of looking at things - I would love that.
White Lie
Have you been given any advice that is stuck with you that you would like to share with aspiring Artists?
I would say paint, paint, paint. And look at a lot of art. Be open to it. Learn. I'm tempted to say "Don't beat yourself up" but I do that all the time. And I've finally made peace with it. I think it's what fuels me to get better ; )
Cupcake Fever

What does the future hold for you?
I don't know! But I love what I'm doing, keep educating myself, and go forth with optimism and an inquisitive heart.
June Pond
The work of Kim Rempel can be found on, and on her daily paintings are posted on her blog at EatDrinkPaint


Catherine Jeffrey said...

Excellent article Kim. And thanks for the introduction to these great artists who I will now look up.

Pam Holnback said...

Great interview!! I, too, hope that you can travel and paint.

Crystal Cook said...

This is a fantastic interview! I've followed Kim's work for a while and love it and her warm and friendly personality. :)

Tammy Hext said...

Great interview KIm. Happy painting my friend!

Faith said...

Loved the interview, Ms. Kim! Nice to know you a little bit better :D